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Ancient Kamiros


The rental of a car in Rhodes is the best way to visit the magnificent, less busy west side of the island and of some of the most interesting sites that can be reached only by car.
Kamiros is together with Lindos and Ialyssos, the three ancient cities of Rhodes, which in 408 BC all founded together the city of Rhodes which is the capital of the island.
The city of Kamiros was discovered by archaeologists Salzmann and Billiotti in 1859.
In the city of Kamiros one can see at its highest point, ruins of the Acropolis of Kamiros with the temple of Athena Kameirados, the aqueduct and on the lower level one can see the city of Kameiros, with its settlement in very good condition.
It flourished from the Archaic to the Hellenistic period and was one of the most important cities of the island. It is built amphitheatrically overlooking the sea and had no fortifications. Among other things, ruins of houses were found, the ancient Agora, a Doric temple, ruins of the aqueduct and ruins of the temple of Athena.
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