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Rhodes Medieval Town

Rhodes Medieval Town

Rent a Car in Rhodes and visit the old town only with your family, privately and without any time limits, having the complete freedom to spend as much time as you need to this extraordinary monument.

In the Medieval—Old Town of Rhodes you may for sure enjoy one of the most interesting walks on the island, and you will be pleasantly surprised from a Large network of busy little commercial streets delightfully alternating with quiet alleys, you will also be able to spent some very lively evenings wondering around the city and enjoying Greek specialty’s and lovely wine in combination with the Medieval atmosphere that will travel you to different eras' field with romance and beauty!

Rhodes Old Town was constructed according to the time’s architecture trends. This means that it was built according to the model of the Theodosian Walls of Constantinople.
In 1522, the Ottomans conquered Rhodes Town and the Knights of Saint John moved to Malta, after being defeated. The Ottomans did not break down the impressive walls of Rhodes Town. On the contrary, they fixed them and kept on maintaining them, during the following four centuries.
The construction of Rhodes Town’s fortress stopped in 1522. Since then, Rhodes Old Town remains almost untouched. This means the time has stopped in 1522 for this impressive Medieval Town.

Most important monuments in the Medieval Town of Rhodes are:

1. Palace of the Grand Masters
2. Town Walls
3. Archaeological Museum (Hospital of the Knights)
4. Street of the Knights
5. Süleyman Mosque
6. Roloi Clock Tower
7. Mandraki Harbor and Commercial Harbor.

Rhorent Rent a Car Rhodes

All visitors to the city of Rhodes by car are looking for a parking spot near the main gate of the old town, so it is impossible to find a space. You will not do the same!

Follow our instructions and park your car on Byronos Street around the football stadium right next to the yellow walls on the white lines for FREE! And with always a free space except Thursday. On Thursday there is a farmers market around the area so there is no free space available.

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