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Car Rental Rhodes Elissa Lifestyle Resort

Operation Hours: Mon: 08:30-11:00 & 18:00-21:00, Tue: 08:30-11:00 & 18:00-21:00, Wed: 08:30-11:00 & 18:00-21:00, Thu: 08:30-11:00 & 18:00-21:00, Fri: 08:30-11:00 & 18:00-21:00, Sat: 08:30-11:00 & 18:00-21:00, Sun: 08:30-11:00 & 18:00-21:00

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Car Rental Rhodes Elissa Lifestyle Resort

Rent a car at Elissa Lifestyle Resort, and explore all that the beautiful, multi-cultural island of Rhodes has to offer. 

Benefits of renting a car in Elissa Lifestyle Resort

1. Convenience: With a rental car in Rhodes, you can easily get around the island and see all the sights at your own pace. Avoid waiting for public transportation or relying on expensive taxis to get you where you need to go.
2. Flexibility: Create your own itinerary and explore Rhodes on your own terms. Visit the place that interest you most and spend as much time as you like at each location
3. Cost-effective: A rental car in Rhodes is the most affordable choice between all transportation options. Rent a car in Rhodes and save time & money.
4. Easy access to the City Centre and Old Town: With Elissa Lifestyle Resort just 6 to 7 km away from the City Centre and Old Town of Rhodes, renting a car from RhoRent is the perfect way to quickly and easily get to these popular destinations.
5. Comfort: Driving around Rhodes with a rental car is the most comfortable and enjoyable way to explore the island. You won't have to wait in lines with the crowds of public transportation, and you can enjoy the air conditioning and comfort a rental car offers. 

Hiring a car in Elissa Lifestyle Resort is a great way to visit all interesting sites of this beautiful island. 

With Elissa Lifestyle Resort just a short distance from the City Centre and Old Town, very close to Lindos and amazing beaches, and RhoRent offering convenient and affordable rental options, it's never been easier to explore the Island of the Knights on your own terms.