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Car Rental Rhodes Airport

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Car Rental Rhodes Airport

Rent a Car Rhodes AirportCar rental in Rhodes airport is made easy with RhoRent rent a car. Friendly service, new cars and low prices are part of our every day offer.
Our desk is located in the arrivals terminal of Rhodes airport just after the luggage claim and is open 24/7. Use the search box above to find the best prices.

Car Hire Rhodes Airport easily and fast. Offers for Summer 2024 10-40%.

Our SPECIAL Offers are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time… Take Advantage Now!

  • Easy and hassle-free online reservation
  • NEW perfectly maintained vehicles
  • Low prices, always following the golden rule “value for money”
  • The option of a fully comprehensive insurance with no self-risk
  • 24/7 extended roadside Protection


(For categories Small Medium Mini vans). Rent a car in Rhodes Airport with RhoRent car rental, we made things Simple!

  1. You will meet our representatives at our Rhodes Airport Desk at the Arrivals Terminal in the Airport and receive your person to person service!
  2. As soon as you meet your personal assistant, you will give him your reservation voucher. He will go through the standard procedure very fast, and you will be taken to your hired car with no queues, no bus transfers, no waiting or hassle.
  3. At return of the car you just drive to Departures Terminal leave the family and the luggage’s outside the building, park your car to our private Rhodes Airport parking place which is exactly opposite, free of charge. You will return the key to our representative that will be waiting for you.

And that’s it! You are on your way home, taking with you all the beautiful memories and the experiences you earned from a lovely holiday on the island of Rhodes!

  • Fast track delivery option available for Car Hire at Rhodes Airport. 

  • One Way Rentals Available, Hire a Car at Rhodes Airport and Return it to your Hotel or place of Residence. 

  • FREE PARKING FOR OUR CUSTOMERS AT RHODES AIRPORT. Rent a Car in Rhodes Airport By RhoRent Car Rental's Airport Desk. Start your holiday without any delays on Buses and drive directly to your hotel or place of residence without wasting any of your precious holiday time.

Car Rental in Rhodes Airport will give the perfect start to your holiday.

Organizing car hire from the airport of Rhodes gives you the solution on driving to or from your hotel – and can save you a small fortune in taxi fees too. It also means you don’t have to waste time on public transport to get around, or to expensive organized excursions, and you can simply jet off whenever – and wherever – you like.
During the Holiday the car will always be available there for you so you will have the freedom to enjoy the Beauties of Rhodes in comfort.
When the holiday is finished you will deliver your rental car at our private Airport Parking free of charge. Opposite the Departures Terminal where the representative of RhoRent Rent a Car will be waiting to collect the keys. The departures terminal is only 20 meters away. All the procedure will be Very Fast and Easy!

Where from will i collect my rental car in Rhodes Airport?
If you rent a car in Rhodes airport with RhoRent car rental, then you will meet our representative at our airport office in the arrivals terminal just after the luggage collection.No need to walk around or look for someone that will be waiting for you and most importantly no transfers with shuttle bus to any other location, all the procedure is taking place in the arrivals terminal without any delays.
If my arrival in Rhodes is scheduled very early in the morning or very late at night how will I collect my rental car in Rhodes Airport? 
RhoRent rent a car is the only car rental company in the airport of Rhodes that is open 24/7. No matter what time or day you need to collect your rental car in Rhodes airport, we will be there for you.
What if there is a delay in my flight? Will there be someone waiting for me at Rhodes airport to deliver the car to me?
During the reservation procedure for your car rental in Rhodes airport, you will be asked for your flight number. Our representatives in our desk at the arrivals terminal with your flight number will be tracking your flight for any delay. We will be waiting for you, no mater how late your flight may be.So do not worry at all, even if it’s impossible for you to let us know for the delay we will be there for you.
Do I need a credit card to rent a car in Rhodes airport by RhoRent?
No credit card is needed for your car rental in Rhodes airport by Rhorent. For all small and medium size cars or a minivan 7 – 9 seats because we offer, free of charge the normally additional, full damage waiver. So we will need only a fuel warranty. (if there is no credit card available), you can deposit only 100 Euros in cash, that will be sufficient to cover any traffic fines and the amount of fuel there will be in the car when you receive it.(It is totally clear that 100 euros are not enough to cover any damage on the car << you are totally covered by the insurance >>). You will be supplied with a receipt for them and the 100 euros are refunded when the rental is finished.*If there is a credit card, we use it as a warranted without putting on hold any amount! Then nothing of the above is necessary.We created this procedure in order to make it possible to all customers, even if they do not use credit cards, to hire a car.
How far is the parking place from RhoRent rent a car office in the arrivals terminal?
Rhodes airport is not so big so the free parking for the customers of RhoRent is only 100 meters away from the departure terminal and exactly opposite, not even 20 meters away, from the departure terminal.That makes everything very simple at your departure, our representative will be waiting for you at our free parking spot to collect the keys from you at the departure date, and you will enter the airport in no time for your return when a hopefully lovely holiday is finished.
How long do I need to wait in line to collect my car in  Rhodes airport office?
Our experienced and specialized personnel at our Rhodes airport office will make source there will be no delay with your rental car collection. If you wish to completely avoid any possible waiting line, please use our Fast Track Service.
How das Fast track service works?
If you use our Fast Track Service in Rhodes airport, you will avoid any possible waiting line, and you will be on your way to your car in no time.You only need to compile a detailed reservation form during the reservation procedure. So we will have all the details needed and as soon as you arrive at our Rhodes Airport desk you only need to inform our representatives that you have subscribed to the Fast Track Service. You will be served with priority. The procedure usually last less than 3 minutes, and you will be on your way to our free parking place in the airport to collect your car.
What choice of cars are there to hire at Rhodes Airport?
No matter what type of car you are looking for, thanks to our extensive range of cars, we can assure you will find the one to cover your needs with RhoRent rent a car. From mini and economy cars (great if you don’t need a lot of space) and ideal for Rhodes island. To family-sized vehicles, sleek convertibles and spacious 9 seaters, there are plenty of cars to pick from at our desk in Rhodes Airport.To make your search even easier, you can filter the results to show cars based on your own needs and preferences — from size to specifications (such as cars with automatic transmission). We explain exactly what is included upfront, so you know just what you are getting for your money.
How do I return my car in Rhodes airport?
Our private airport parking place is exactly opposite the departures terminal. So when your holiday is finished, and you drive to Rhodes Airport you will park your car for free and our representative will be there for you to collect the keys.The procedure is very fast, and you do not need to walk at all, you are exactly where you're supposed to be, ready to catch your flight home.
Can I pick up my rental car from Rhodes airport and return it to my hotel or the Port or perhaps to another location?
Yes, of course it is possible.If you rent a car in Rhodes from RhoRent Car rental at Rhodes Airport, the return can be done at the location of your choice. As long as you enter the correct return location during the booking process.
Can I rent a convertible or luxury car at Rhodes Airport for a special occasion?
If you want to make your special occasion even more memorable, renting a convertible or a luxury car at Rhodes airport through RhoRent rent a car is a fantastic option. Our Rhodes airport desk offers a wide range of options when it comes to convertible and luxury car hire, catering for different tastes and preferences. Imagine cruising through the picturesque island of Rhodes with the top down, feeling the warm breeze and enjoying the breathtaking views in a stylish convertible. Or enjoy the ultimate comfort and refinement of a luxury car with top-of-the-range features and cutting-edge technology. From a sleek sports car to a stylish convertible, from a luxury saloon to a prestigious off-road vehicle, Rhodes Airport has a vehicle for every occasion and will make your stay a very special experience. Whether it's a romantic getaway, an anniversary or simply your desire to enhance your travel experience, renting a convertible or luxury car at Rhodes Airport is a sure way to add a touch of elegance and excitement to your trip. So treat yourself to the luxury and excitement of a ride in a convertible or luxury rental car at Rhodes Airport for your next special occasion. With a plethora of options, you can choose the perfect vehicle to suit your style and make your experience truly unforgettable.
What documents do I need to rent a car at Rhodes Airport
To rent a car at Rhodes Airport, typically, you'll need the following documents: Driver's License: A valid driver's license held for a minimum period (1- year).Identification: A valid passport or national ID card. You might also require an international driving permit, if your license is not in the Latin alphabet.
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