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Terms of Use

General information

Drivers age

Minimum 23 years old (with min 1 year driver's license) for all car groups

Driver's license

A valid driving license held at least one year is required.

Payment: In cash or via credit card.

Fuel: paid by the renter.

Ferrying the car: is not permitted.

RhoRent car rental reserves the right to change car model in exceptional cases.

Cancellation policy
RhoRent car rental allows you to cancel your reservation with no cost

  • Online by email
  • By calling the help desk

Terms of use & Personal data

An essential condition in order to start a transaction between us is to know your personal data. When ordering, you will be requested to give your personal details, your e-mail address etc. The company and faithfully following the convictions of protecting personal data prescribed by law and international conventions won't make any illegal and without your approval use. does not reveal, publishes, sells or exchanges personal data and information you trust us.
In special occasions your personal data might be published by the company, always following the predicted, by law, procedure when this is exacted by the Public Rule, court, etc. reserves the right to inform suppliers with statistics from sales, which in no condition will contain personal data that may lead to recognition of people.

Ways of paying
For the convenience and service of those wanting to buy from our store, we have the following alternative ways of paying:

  • By credit card on delivery
  • By cash on delivery

Vehicle rent prices
In the prices registered in the catalogs next to every item, Value Added Tax is included.

Applicable law
All transactions through are regulated by the International and European right that controls matters related to electronic trade as and by Law protecting consumers (N.2251/1994) that controls matters of selling in distance.

Privacy of Personal Data:
Our store and site is committed to respecting and protecting your right to privacy of your online connection. Our store does not sell, rent, or otherwise grant personal information submitted by visitors to our site to any third party. By personal information, we mean the name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Our store requests the completion of the above items for the following reasons:

  • Name: Your name is required to make the reservation.
  • Phone Number: Your telephone number is essential for us to contact you for the best booking service experience.
  • Email: Your email is necessary, so we can confirm the reservation.
  • Address – Your address with country is necessary because in the event of a violation of the law, the company is obligated to send you the original document of violation.

The above data will be retained in the records of the company for a period of five (5) years.

This information will not be used for unintended communication. If you provide your permission, our store can use this information to:

  • Inform you of offers
  • Send forms or other correspondence
  • Send you electronically press releases or other announcements
  • Deliver products or awards

Our store can use impersonal statistical data (browser type, geographic location) to optimize the site as part of the ongoing internal review process and, more generally, to get to know our consumers better. We recommend that children and young people under the age of 18 get permission from their parents before submitting their personal information to the website.

Our store reserves the right to send iterative offer within fifteen (15) days

Exceptions for CDW and FDW WUG:
No insurance covers the following cases.

  • Damages and/or losses to the inside/outside the vehicle if there is no accident.(in case of a reported accident, everything is covered)
  • Damages caused to the underside of the vehicle due to off-road driving and driving on beaches and in the mountains.
  • Burnt out clutch due to misuse.
  • Burnt out engine and/or broken oil tank (after hitting the underside of the vehicle)
  • Damages caused due to towing of the vehicle (beach—mountains, etc.)
  • Accidents and damages caused while under the influence of alcohol / drugs.
  • Any damages caused with intent and/or deliberate of road driving.
  • Accidents caused by no-named/no-dedicated drivers. In these cases, the renter will be liable for any damages caused.
  • Any unreported damages/accidents may be construed as negligence and will be subjected to payment. Any damages and/or accidents must be reported to the rental company immediately on the provided telephone numbers.

Loss or removal of vehicle registration/number plates.
If the number plates are lost, the renter will be subjected to the daily rental rate of the vehicle until replacements have been arranged and put in place. Additional administrative costs will also been incurred, and these will be determined by the rental company per case. The renter will also be charged for any traffic fines due to the lost registration/number plates.

Loss or damaged of the vehicle keys
In case of loss/damages to the keys during the rental, the renter will be subjected to replacement costs. A 150euro to 450euro charge will be incurred depending on the type of vehicle. Additional costs may be incurred for any required key/vehicle re-programming.

Excessive dirty vehicles
Should the vehicle be collected at the end of the rental and found to be excessively dirty, a 40euro – 80euro charge will be incurred.

These above listed damages and any additional fees will be paid by the renter regardless of whether the CDW, FDW, WUG insurance options have been accepted.

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