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Seven Springs


Seven Springs is a cool, magical landscape, a real oasis even in the heat of high summer, swamped in greenery. 
A Natura-2000 protected zone that is waiting to welcome you to experience a unique tranquil experience!
Is easily considered to be one of the most romantic sites on the island of Rhodes. It is ideally located between Colymbia and Archipolis.
Water flows out of the springs all year around, which is forming a small lake. The lake remains replenished thanks to a dam built by the Italians, in order to provide the nearby settlement Kolympia with fresh water.
Visitors also like to drink the refreshing water of the springs.
There are many beautiful walking trails nearby and one can walk along stately Pine trees which is like a breath of fresh air. There is a dark tunnel, which only adds to the fun. The lake can be easily reached by a mere five minutes walk.
The serene Seven Springs are almost hidden by the thick woodlands. This particular area of Rhodes is ideal for picnics and there is also a cozy tavern where one can relax and unwind in the lap of nature.
First-time visitors would do well to undertake a walk down to the 1 km long tunnel, which leads to the shimmering lake. You have two options. One is by walking on the road above the tunnel and the other are by walking through the dark tunnel.

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